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Please remember that these airplanes are experimental and are built for education and recreation. This information in whole or in part, is not intended to be used for aircraft construction. Opinions of this builder are just that, opinions. Any modifications to the plans for this aircraft are done by the builder without endorsement from Rand Robinson. Therefore do not rely on the modifications to this aircraft as being safe as this bird has not flown yet. The modifications still need to be tested and proven satisfactory..

Caveat Emptor...let the buyer beware, You get what you pay for!

Modifications I need to make to fit a large pilot. Fuselage widened to 43" inside. Side wall height increased 2". Length of fuselage increased 12" over the plans KR2S (3"in front of the main spar 9 " aft of the rear spar, 1" in each bay). Longerons increased from 5/8 x 5/8" to 5/8 x 1". With the combination of my spar caps made larger and the increased height of the spars to fit the new AS5048 airfoil and full width verticals, the plane will have a better payload carrying ability. Power will be from a 3100cc Corvair turning a 60" 3 blade Warp Drive carbon fiber prop.

In The Beginning...

He said "Let there be Wright" and there was Orville and Wilber. (FAST FORWARD) When I was growing up I loved to fly. I built model airplanes both plastic and radio Controlled. I joined CAP when I was 13. I almost bought an experimental biplane for $125 at 14. It needed lots of work, but since I did not drive, I didn't know how to get it home to Baltimore from West Virginia. Looking at the price of store bought aircraft, even way back then, I new I could never afford one. So after a few years in CAP and the Boy Scouts, I left.

When I was 20 I worked at BWI and National airports as a baggage gorilla. I learned the ins and outs of the commercial side of air travel. That job only lasted about two years. So the airplane stuff was put on hold again.

In 1994 I graduated with my Associate of Science Degree in Photography. In December I moved to the Bahamas as a photographer at the AUTEC Navy Base. I got to hang out of a helicopter and take picture of torpedo tests for the Navy. I even got to drive a British Nuclear Attack Sub (HMS Splendid) 350 feet down. Due to a contract changeover my position was eliminated. The positive note was that the new contractor needed my services up here in New England. Brrrrrr!!!! What a change!

I was watching a PBS Special "Plane Crazy" This guy wanted to design, build and fly a plane in 30 days. What a challenge. Well this sparked my interest in flying again. So I checked out the websites. Bought a copy of Aerocrafter. I was looking for a cheap, fast two place plane for some fun. The best bang for the buck was the KR series of aircraft. So I purchased my plans in September of 1998. I said "I can build this" Tools , wood, plywood and a lot of other parts were purchased in the next year. I just missed the '98 Gathering. But I attended the '99 and 2000 at Lake Barkley KY. I am planning on attending the 2001 gathering at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. With any luck I will be able to bring my bird to the 2002 Gathering.

This brings us to why you are here, my web based builders log. Enjoy!


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